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Entrants – On the Field

Grouped by Marque and class, the entries are sorted by year and model. Review the list frequently to help you to keep up with your “People’s Choice” competition. Check out the gallery of registered vehicles where photos and vehicle descriptions were included in the registration.

51 Entrants ClassYearMakeModel
Gary DavisGig Harbor, WAAH-011955Austin-Healey100 BN1
Rob WestcottBellevue, WAAH-011955Austin-Healey100 BN1
Tom LindbergMount Vernon, WAAH-021963Austin-Healey3000 Mk II BJ7
Bruce BarrettIssaquah, WAAH-031967Austin-Healey3000 Mk III 
Mike RussoWoodinville, WAAM-012005Aston MartinDB9 Coupe
Stephen PlunkettNorth Vancouver, BCJA-011953JaguarXK120 DHC
Kurt JacobsonTacoma, WAJA-011954JaguarXK120 OTS
Erik SchumySeattle, WAJA-011955JaguarXK140 MC OTS
John HolmesKenmore, WAJA-011959JaguarXK150 FHC
Greg HoltKenmore, WAJA-031988JaguarXJS V12 Coupe
Louise RutterKirkland, WALO-012006LotusCaterham 7
Todd BrownSnohomish, WALO-012022Caterham420S 
Clayton ProwEverett, WALO-042007LotusElise 
Troy WoodardSeattle, WALO-042008LotusExige S240
Rob WestcottBellevue, WALR-011967Land RoverSeries II (SWB) S2a
Philip BookoutWoodinville, WALR-011971Land RoverSeries II (SWB) 
Gord’n PerrottSeattle, WALR-021957Land RoverSeries I (LWB) Pickup
Gord’n PerrottSeattle, WALR-041991Land RoverRange Rover LWB
Gord’n PerrottSeattle, WALR-041993Land RoverRange Rover LWB Hunter
Gord’n PerrottSeattle, WALR-041994Land RoverRange Rover LWB
Karen GillettePortland, ORLR-041998Land RoverDiscovery I LE
Adrian CorsonOlympia, WALR-052003Land RoverRange Rover HSE
Mark MayShoreline, WAMG-011947MGSaloon 
Carl HarringtonEdmonds, WAMG-031952MGTD 
Dan PatjensFircrest, WAMG-051960MGMGA 
Michael PierceSeattle, WAMG-061964MGMGB 
Michael TrauBellevue, WAMG-061967MGMGB 
Michael NelsonBothell, WAMG-071975MGMGB 
Elroy ChristensonSeattle, WAMG-071978MGMGB 
Mike LeeseMonroe, WAMG-081974MGMGB GT 
Hank FarrSeattle, WAMG-111971MGMidget MkIII
George BarrettKirkland, WAMI-021996MiniMark VI Cabriolet
Ethan CooperAbbotsford, BCMI-021997MiniMark VII MPI
Sam HsiehSnohomish, WAMI-021998MiniMark VII Paul Smith
Martin LaumbSedro-Woolley, WANM-012002MINIHatchback 
Ron CarignanOlympia, WANM-022013MINIRoadster JCW
Judette MoeBremerton, WANM-032013MINIClubman S
Jim ClarkShoreline, WASU-021965SunbeamTiger Mark I
Eric GlomstadBremerton, WATR-011962TriumphTR3B 
Bruce EskebergBow, WATR-021967TriumphTR4A 
Ray BishopSammamish, WATR-031968TriumphTR250 
Roger OtisTehachapi, CATR-031968TriumphTR250 
Bob YatesClinton, WATR-051973TriumphTR6 
Kay FranklinBrier, WATR-051973TriumphTR6 
Glenn CooperKirkland, WATR-051975TriumphTR6 
Bill HolmesMountlake Terrace, WATR-051976TriumphTR6 
Jeff PayneSammamish, WATR-051976TriumphTR6 
Jon FifeFederal Way, WATR-061980TriumphTR7 
Tom SaulOlga, WATR-061980TriumphTR8 
Alan TatePuyallup, WATR-071979TriumphSpitfire 
Jim DineenBainbridge Island, WATR-081967TriumphGT 6 
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