The Lodge at Saint Edward

The Saint Edward State Park is located at 14445 Juanita Drive NE in Kenmore. The park’s most singular feature is the Saint Edward Seminary built to develop Catholic priests for placement throughout the state.   It closed after 46 years, and the state purchased the site for use as a state park in 1977. In 2017, the seminary was leased to Daniels Real Estate and restored and transformed the building to The Lodge at Saint Edward. The beautiful lawns of the lodge offer a great setting to show British cars and motorcycles.

In addition to the All British Field Meet, everyone can enjoy the surroundings of the historic Saint Edward Seminary.  As the park is a multi-use facility with pedestrians and pets, please drive slowly.

Together with the ABFM staff, Park Rangers are available to answer your questions about the park or event.

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In 2017, Washington State Parks leased the seminary building to Daniels Real Estate Company and they have completed restoring the historic building as a public lodge. Restoration of the historic building is complete and The Lodge at St. Edward, with 84 guest rooms and suites, meeting rooms, and the Cedar & Elm restaurant is now open.

  • Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas – not on the field
  • Drone flying is prohibited

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