Food Lifeline Club Competition

Food Lifeline Club Competition

The Cascade Austin-Healey Club won the coveted Food Lifeline Club Competition award at the 2023 Western Washington All British Field Meet. British car clubs compete to see which club garners the most donations for Food Lifeline. Club members donate as well as any person that favors that car marque. Donations are made when participants register for the show online and also give on the day of the show – money and food donations are accepted. One pound of food equals $1.00 in this competition.

The top four finishers in the 2023 Club Competition were:
1 – Cascade Austin-Healey Club – 8,600 meals
2 – SAMOA – 2,880 meals
3 – Pacific Coast Rover Club – 2,240 meals
4 – Tyee Triumph Club – 860 meals

Sue Jackson (Left) from the Cascade Austin-Healey Club received the 2023 Food Lifeline Club Competition Trophy from Food Lifeline’s Katie Kowalsky.

Food Lifeline rescues surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, grocery stores, and restaurants. They deliver this food to ~350 food banks, shelters, and meal programs across Western Washington. With your support, they provide over 282,000 meals every day! A sustainable solution for ending hunger.

Founded in 1979, a staff of more than 90 dedicated team members, from truck drivers to food industry specialists, all bring a passion for stopping hunger to their work. Food Lifeline is a proud member of the Feeding America network. This relationship allows them to bring hunger-stopping best practices, relationships with national food brands, and food surpluses from sister agencies back to Western Washington.

Food Lifeline IS the food bank’s food bank!

For more information, please see Food Lifeline’s 2023 Impact Report. Volunteers – Join a Food Lifeline volunteer session in their warehouse to sort and repack nutritious food. It’s easy and fun and you can make a huge difference in just a few hours. Whether it’s just you, a group of your friends, family, or your car club, signing up is easy. Volunteers ages 10+ are welcome. Volunteer sessions take place Mondays-Saturdays.

815 S. 96th St
Seattle, WA 98108
Phone: 1-877-404-7543 / 206-545-6600

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