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Do you have questions about the fields used to register for the All British Field Meet? What is the cost for spectators? Where is the (fill in the blank) located?

Here’s a short list of questions we think you may have. Click on the + sign to view the answer to the question. If you have other questions about the event, contact us and we will add the answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Besides the obvious, what are the differences between entering a vehicle "On The Field" or "For Sale"?

    Cars and motorcycles On the Field register by class, e.g. MI-01 Mini | Mark I | Mark II and the entrants and spectators vote on their favorite in each class. Information for a “For Sale” vehicle includes the sale price and a picture of the car display on the Vehicles For Sale page. “On the Field” vehicles cannot display any “For Sale” signs.

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  • Is the All British Field Meet dog friendly?

    Yes, leashed dogs are permissible. The park rules are that the leash cannot be longer than 8 ft and pets must be under control at all times. Also, if the dog does what a dog does, you are responsible for picking it up.

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  • What is the cost for spectators?

    The only cost is a $10.00 per car parking fee (cash only).

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  • What is Vehicle History and why should I add it?

    Provide some history of your car or motorcycle and how it came into your life. Keep it clean, as the history is displayed on your dash placard.

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  • What should I enter in the Submodel field?

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