Friday Night Social

Currently the following British car and motorcycle enthusiasts are attending the Friday Night Social at Saint Edward State Park on August 20th (6:00 – 9:00 PM) to pick up their packets and enjoy each others camaraderie.

Update: Food will be provided by Yummy Catch, so get ready for some fish and chips and slaw with a beverage to enjoy while bidding on the auction items.

Don’t forget Registration will be open from 6:00 – 8:00 PM to enter your vehicle to display on the field or For Sale.

84 Entrants and Guests (2021)Tickets
Aidan Vine2
Bill Clemans2
Bill Gilbert2
Brian Case2
Carl Harrington1
Cheryl Curry2
David Kramer2
Doug Jackson2
Elroy Christenson3
Glenn Cooper2
Gord’n Perrott2
John Holmes2
Keith Brown1
Ken Bottini2
Kenneth Adkison1
Kenny Richins2
Kevin Cobley1
Lee Orphan2
Les Pennington2
Mac McDevitt2
Mary Hosick2
Michael Nelson1
Mike Pelan2
Norman Wright2
Paul Feuerpfeil2
Paul Mascuch2
Paul Peterson2
Philip Sarikas2
Ralph Yingling2
Rob Westcott2
Ron Carignan1
Terry Howells2
Terry McMichael2
Thomas Everts1
Thomas Johnston2
Tom Saul2
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