ABFM Trophies

ABFM Trophies

Unique Class Trophies… and how they came about.

In 2016, the local British car clubs took over the organization of the Western Washington All British Field Meet which one person had mainly coordinated. Members of the Austin Healey, Lotus, Jaguar, Mini, Morris Minor, Sunbeam, and Triumph clubs joined to learn what it takes to put together a car show. Each person had skills in different areas, and all found a way to contribute to the success of every aspect of the show. Rob Westcott had been involved with the event for many years, including trophies, and Frank Hosick was asked to help with “Day of Show.” With no previous experience, the committee did not have a feeling for the budget. Rob and Frank got together, knowing that buying trophies from commercial trophy shops can be very expensive, and they wondered if there was another direction to go. Both had shops and liked to build things, so they looked around for something else to use for trophies.

Harbor Freight had bundles of three different-sized adjustable wrenches on sale so they ordered sixty-three sets, enough for three trophies in each class, and they ordered round plaques with the ABFM logo. A friend donated walnut veneer which was laser cut and engraved to fit in the handles of the wrenches. Parts were assembled and they had 189 trophies which were organized in boxes for each mark. Volunteers counted the ballots and the trophies were passed out. Trophies for special classes, like Best of Show and People’s Choice, were needed so they had Mahogany plaques engraved and larger wrenches were mounted.

Of course, there were lessons learned. Since every marque had some classes that were not filled there were extra trophies and a way of distribution to the clubs needed a better system. Both of these have been challenging every year and refinements have been continually made.

In 2017 Brin Hamilton joined the committee to create the trophy graphics and all the show graphics like posters, programs, and dash plaques. The wrenches started a theme so they got a deal on 160 radiator caps to mount on wooden blocks with ABFM logos and place markings. Each year the special trophies have been larger, more detailed versions of the class trophies. Rob and Frank work on parts both in their home shops and together.

The next year they got a deal on 160 oil filters to mount on bases with urethane resin running under them to look like leaking oil. This started a series that played on the theme of British car jokes including leaking coolant and Lucas failures. After running through the jokes, the next year’s theme was knock-off spinner shapes cut into wood plaques, and then in 2023 they found a deal on ceramic discs glazed with the WWABFM logo and mounted in bases.

While each year has been a fun project there have been surprises along the way creating challenges, always solved by inventing new building and assembly techniques. Each year the system is refined and the custom trophies are appreciated by most people. They are always open to new ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

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