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Let us know how many 20′ X 20′ spaces you will need to sell your British themed wares – parts, books, photos, prints, apparel or memorabilia. You can bypass the Swap Meet page if you still want to hoard that old radiator taking up space in your garage

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I agree to insure my vehicle against loss, damage, and liability. I agree to assume the risk of any damage or injury, and to indemnify and hold harmless The Western Washington All British Field Meet LLC , its officers, and directors or agents for any acts of omission which may result in the theft, damage, or destruction of my property or injury to me or others occurring during or as a consequence of this meet including but not limited to: overnight storage, and all other places associated with this event, wherever located.

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In a world of plenty, there is no excuse for hungry families in Western Washington. All of us have a part to play to make sure all our neighbors in need have healthy and nutritious food on their tables. Whether you’re one person, a family, British Car Club member, civic group or company, Food Lifeline has an easy way for you to involve yourself in the community.

Did you know that with every $1 you give Food Lifeline can give five meals to a person in need? Donating funds to Food Lifeline is a smart and efficient way to make sure the most nutritious food is getting to your neighbors in need every day.

You can give to Food Lifeline using the link below or show your support by bringing non-perishable food to the Show; each pound of food donated on the Day of Show becomes a cash value contribution for our friendly competition between clubs.

Please enter the amount you wish to donate in support of Food Lifeline.

Food Lifeline Donation
Fish & Chips

Friday Night Social _____________________________________________________________

Join us on the grounds of Saint Edward State Park for an evening of fun, food, lively auctions, and socializing with your Little British Car friends.
This year’s theme will be an English pub with Fish & Chips or Fish Tacos on the menu.

Purchase your $15.00 (per person) meal ticket by July 15.

Don’t forget to pick up your entry packet at the Social!

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