Registration Information

Registration Information

The Western Washington All British Field Meet is a perfect opportunity to display your British car or motorcycle on the field with other fine vehicles, sell your vehicle or extra parts, books, or British memorabilia.

Online registration will start on May 1 and will close on TBA. You may also register at the Friday Night Social on July 12 or from 8:00 – 10:00 the morning of the show.

A few things to know about the registration process:

  • The Placard in your registration packet uses the information you provide when registering. Use the Club Membership, Placard Name(s), and Vehicle History information to promote you and your vehicle.
  • As you go through the registration process, select the options for Vehicle On Field and Vehicle For Sale, Swap Meet, your donation to Food Lifeline, and Regalia purchases. You will see your fees, donations, and purchases on the last page (Submit Registration).  Verify your selections before submitting your registration.
  • If you have a vehicle on the field or have items for sale, you must read and agree to the Liability Waiver before submitting the registration.

Registration Packet _____________________________________________________________________

Pick up your registration packet and SWAG bag at the Friday Night Social or at the Packet Pickup table on Saturday.

Day-of_Show Registration _______________________________________________________________

If you missed the mail-in or online registration deadlines, you can register your vehicle at the first table you see driving to the show field.

Register Page _____________________________________________________________________

Provide information about yourself and if you belong to a British car or motorcycle club. Note that the Phone number is all numeric — no special characters.
Please provide information about your vehicle, either to show it on the field or have it for sale. If the option is to sell it, enter the sale price, and the vehicle selling points, and upload a picture for the Vehicles For Sale page. You can enter up to four vehicles per registration.
Swap Meet
Indicate how many 10′ x 10′ spaces you will need to display your items for sale. Add a description of what you plan to sell. This information will be on the Swap Meet Entrants page and your registration placard.
Food Lifeline

Donate to Food Lifeline. If you belong to a car club, check the club and your donation will help your club win the coveted Food Lifeline Trophy.
Select from our fine collection of regalia items for this year’s event.
Friday Night Social
Purchase your tickets for the gathering of friends who drive Little British Cars and like to socialize the night before the show.
Submit Registration
Verify your fees and purchases before submitting your registration.

NOTE: After activating the PayPal process, wait until the process is complete and transfers you to the Home page.

Fees ________________________________________________________________________________________

 May 1 – TBADay of Show
First Vehicle on Field/Vehicle for Sale$35.00$50.00
Additional Vehicle on Field/Vehicle for Sale$20.00$20.00
Motorcycle on Field/Motorcycle for Sale$20.00$20.00
Swap Meet  
One Space$35.00$50.00
Two Spaces$55.00$70.00
Three Spaces$75.00$90.00
Friday Night Social$20.00 
Spectator parking is free with your Washington State Parks Discover Pass. If you do not have a Discover Pass, you can purchase a $11.50 Day Pass or a $35.00 Annual Pass from one of the Park Rangers.

For more information on the Discover Pass, go to


Refund Policy

Request a Refund

Common Q & A’s _________________________________________________________________________

Q  How can I pay my registration fee if I don’t want to use PayPal?

A  While the registration program will direct you to PayPal for payment, there is an option to use your credit card instead of establishing, or using a PayPal account once you are on the PayPal page.  If you are having difficulty with your payment, contact for help.

Q  How do I enter multiple cars into the show?

A  Select the number of vehicles (up to four) you want to enter after selecting the “Display on Field” under the “Registration Options”.

Q  Can I register by mail?

A  Yes. Download the Register By Mail form if you do not want to register online, have trouble completing the payment process, or have more than four vehicles to enter.

If you have questions or issues with the online registration process, please contact us so we can help you register.

Thanks for registering and we’ll see you at the meet.

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