Who We Are

Board of Directors

  • Cascade Austin-Healey Club
  • Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of Northwest America
  • MG Car Club Northwest Centre
  • Pacific  Coast Rover Club
  • Tyee Triumph

Planning Committee

  • Co-Chairs
    Lois Buhman
    Lee Orphan
  • Awards
    Frank Hosick
    Rob Westcott
  • Day of Event
    Lois Buhman
  • Finance
    Glenn Cooper
    Glenn Chouinard
  • Food Lifeline
    Kay Franklin
  • Hospitality
    Tom Medeen
    Lee Orphan
  • Outreach
    Tom Mohle
  • Publicity
    Brin Hamilton
    Mary Hogan
  • Regalia
    Kay Franklin
    Brin Hamilton
  • Registration
    Ron Carignan
  • Spectator Parking
    Edie Anne Horn
    Nick Horn
  • Sponsors/Advertisers
    Doug Jackson
  • Traffic Flow
    Gord’n Perrott
  • Volunteers
    Matt Boswell
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