Our History

In 1988, three members from MG Car Club Northwest Centre, Rob Broderick, Ken Bottini, and Roger Los, decided that they would rather enjoy having a car show that was inclusive of all the wonderful marques of British cars found in the Seattle Metropolitan area.  Based on what they had seen at similarly themed events in Portland and in Vancouver, British Columbia, the parking lots at Bellevue Community College served as the venue for the first show and found an appreciative audience that numbered in the hundreds.

After a couple of successful years, Rob, Ken, and Roger moved on to other endeavors and Dennis Howell and Kevin Cobley took over the reins of running the show.  Eventually, Guy and Carita Boswell stepped in and around 1992, and with the show’s growing size and prestige, operated under the auspices of the Puget Sound British Automotive Society (PSBAS) and the Boswells, along with the Arnie and Sue Taub.  A winning combination, the show continued in Bellevue until 1998 when the venue switched to Marymoor Park for two years.

In 2000 the All British Field Meet returned to the campus of Bellevue College, where it remained until 2014.  The PSBAS, under the direction of Arnie Taub, continued to shepherd and nurture the show until Arnie’s unfortunate passing in February 2010.  As a tribute, Arnie’s son and daughter, Garrett and Jenna Taub, and Arnie’s wife Sue–along with the legions of enthusiasts and friends–managed to put the show on for 2010.

Starting in 2011, Steve Hanegan and the members of the PSAA took over the operations of running the show. This group enjoyed the support of several of the founders  that gave the show wings from day one.  Due to construction at the Bellevue Community College in 2014, the show moved to Saint Edward State Park, which was a wise choice and popular with the show participants.

In 2016, a committee of local British car clubs took over operations of the All British Field Meet from the PSBAS and renamed the show the Western Washington All British Field Meet with the purpose of continuing to preserve, promote, and showcase British cars and their use.

The WWABFM LLC  is directed by representatives from five of the region’s British Automobile Clubs:

  • Cascade Austin Healey Car Club
  • Jaguar Drivers and Restorers Club of Northwest America
  • MG Car Club Northwest Centre
  • Pacific Coast Rover Club
  • Tyee Triumph Club

The Western Washington All British Field Meet LLC is a licensed limited liability corporation (LLC) in the state of Washington and handles all aspects of the Western Washington All British Field Meet.