Friday Night Social

LBC Enthusiasts Enjoying the Friday Night Social at Saint Edward State Park on July 20th (6:00 – 9:00 PM). Registration will be open 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

94 Attendees
Allen Henderson
Andrea Buser
Big Red Rover / Mike Bahrami
Bill and Annette Dwyer
Bill and Glenda Clemans
Bob Wilcox
Carl and Susan Harrington
Carmen Cody
Chris Johnston
David Sell
David Smailes
Doug Jackson
Elroy and Cheryl Christenson
Ernie Umemoto
Gord’n Perrott
Guy Boswell
Hans Bertelsen
Harold and Georgene Jacobs
Howie Aoyama
Jac Brondum
Jeff and Kylie Keyzer
Jim and Ann Gigli
Jim McNeil
John Holmes
John Pederson
Kate Gunal
Kevin Cobley
Lee Orphan
Lois Buhman
Mark Hurston
Mary Hogan
Mary Hosick
Michael Nelson
Paul Feuerpfeil
Paul Peterson
Phil and Diane Sarikas
Ralph and Kathi Yingling
Richard and Donna Martin
Rob Westcott
Ron Carignan
Rosemary and Glenn Cooper
Ryan Unruh
Skip and Susan Kerekes
Stefani Cushing
Stephen Mackie
Steve Knudson
Steve Neubauer
Terry and Dee Brunner
Tom Linville
Tom Mohle
Tom Saul
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