We are always looking at ways to improve your experience in attending the Western Washington All British Field Meet.  Let us know what we can do to make this an outstanding event.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank You very much for your feedback regarding ABFM Portland Ron. I will give it some serious consideration this year. I am actually off to Portland and the Oregon coast this coming week and I certainly don’t mind making a second trip to Portland in August for the ABFM meet there. I can’t seem to stay away from WA and OR!

    Thanks again!

  2. Anonymous

    Thank You very much for your kind reply Granville.

    I look forward to attending this event again, I am from the UK though living in Vancouver BC since 1993 and have been attending this event every year for as long as I can remember – including when it was still held at Bellevue Community College. I have also been attending ABFM Vancouver at Vanduesen Gardens ever since I moved here in 1993…and I often recognise the same cars at both events.

    I would have loved to have attended the recent British Car Day at Exotics @ Redmond Town Center too but unfortunately, it was scheduled on the very same day as ABFM Vancouver.

    Whilst we are at it, has anyone on this site also attended ABFM Portland? I have never as yet been, mainly due to the long drive from Vancouver BC (overnight accomodation would be essential and under consideration) but I am curious to ask if anyone has any feedback regarding the ABFM Portland event. From their web site, I gather it is quite a large event and held over three days at the Portland International Raceway, which co-incidentally I have driven around each December for their annual drive through Christmas lights display. Anyhow, any feedback on ABFM Portland would be greatly appreciated!

    See you all at St Edwards State Park in July! You are a truly great bunch of folks in Washington state and I am always made to feel very welcome by you.

    1. Ron Carignan Post author

      I attended the Portland ABFM last year and had a great time. Besides the normal on field show, they had three sessions where a couple of guys took groups of us around the field to talk about restorations and what to look for (buying, restoring, what to look for, etc., plus a rally through Portland and the Land Rover guys took people off road on the track infield. Looking forward to this years event.

  3. Anonymous

    Your website states that spectators can get into this event and park for free with a valid Wa State Discover Pass. Can you please confirm this is I fact the case and that the folks directing spectator cars are aware of this, as i have had problems with this in the past.

    1. Granville Horn

      People who are in possession of, and visually display, a valid WA State Discover Pass will be given access to use the park facilities, per the terms of the pass. If used on the day of the All British Field Meet event, for the access to use the park facilities, individuals will be allowed to benefit from the event with no parking charges.


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