Day of Show Registration

Day of Show Registration

In the event that you did not preregister for the ABFM, you can still register from 8:00 – 10:00 on the day of the event, though the registration fee is increased to $50.00. Regalia items are not available for purchase at the time of registration.

You can register to:

  • Show your car or motorcycle on the field
  • Sell your car or motorcycle in the For Sale area
  • Sell the extra parts, books, or memorabilia that have collected dust in your garage

Where do I register?

Follow directions to the Day of Show Registration tent to register.  Pretend you’re in England and drive clockwise around the Island toward the North Trail.

Where do I go after I register?

On Field:  Continue to your right where a volunteer will point you toward your Marque’s place on the field.

For Sale and Swap Meet:  Place your placard on your dash and drive back toward the park entrance where volunteers will direct you to the correct area.

Fees ________________________________________________________________________________________

July 21, 2018 – Day of Show
First Vehicle on Field/Vehicle for Sale $50.00
Additional Vehicle on Field/Vehicle for Sale $20.00
Motorcycle on Field/Motorcycle for Sale $20.00
First Swap Meet Space $50.00
Additional Swap Meet Space $20.00
Spectator Parking $10.00 (Cash)


Thanks for your interest in the Western Washington All British Field Meet.

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