Western Washington ABFM


The WWABFM Planning Committee would like to thank BritSport for their vision and support of the Western Washington All British Field Meet. We urge you to support them with your patronage.

The 2018 WWABFM was a success!  The weather couldn’t have been more spectacular, the selection of vehicles couldn’t have been nicer, and the camaraderie around British cars and motorcycles couldn’t have been better.

To all the participants who showed their British cars and motorcycles, thanks for displaying your vehicles and giving both the spectators and entrants a wonderful show to enjoy!

We hope that everyone enjoyed this year’s show and is looking forward to returning for next year’s show. 

This year’s class winners can be found under the “Award Results” page under the “Prior Events” tab.

If you have any constructive comments on how we could improve the show, please use the “Contact Us” page under the “About Us” tab to make your suggestions as we would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to join the planning committee and see how this great show comes into existence and form, contact us and we’ll make sure to invite you to the next meeting.

Get out and drive your cars and don’t forget the Portland ABFM on September 8th!

We’ll see you next year!


The WWABFM Planning Committee

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